Search Engine Optimization, no doubt … my nemesis. There is nothing worse than typing in your key words not finding yourself on the first two pages.
Thankfully since there have been so many sites that have abused SEO and utilized naughty tricks Google has shifted their algorithms which is making the SEO process reachable, even if you don’t have a ton of experience.
This is helping to push down those “big web jerks”, you know the ones that jammed every keyword they could think of into their pages to rank.
I have no doubt that my methods might seem over-simplified but the truth is the search engines are becoming more sophisticated to highlight those sites that are transparent and clean in their approach.
Here are my top 5 simple recommendations of best practice for Organic search SEO
1. TITLE: Title your page correctly, this is the first piece of code the search engines are seeking to read, Google will only read the first 70 characters.
2. DESCRIPTON: Write a short description that is a summary of your page. It should read naturally and only the first 156 characters will show.
3. KEYWORDS: Write about 5 keywords or phrases that are separated by commas.
4. PHOTOS: Give them easy to understand file names, title your image, provide alternate text, and a description.
5. LINKS/URLS: Keep them simple, short, descriptive, and consolidated.
Additionally, there is a much more detailed Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide! listed on Google Webmaster Central There are also some great tips for hiring someone to do your SEO, things to keep in mind as you are trying to find a good vendor to work with.


Let me ask … where do you rank?  Do you have a blog or a website?  Are you adding your SEO terms? Who does your SEO … do you know what their strategies are?   Ask me a Search Engine Optimization question, i’d love to hear from you.