Flash is so SNAZZY !
It’s like an interactive TV!
It can really make content pop and the user engage in the experience of the page !

But you know what, I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my clients!

While flash can really make a site look beautiful, it’s really only of value if you can guarantee two things.

  1. That a user accesses a flash page on a supported device
  2. That users can find it in a search engine.

Google has shared that while flashpages can be indexed, they will not get high rankings on Google. Content developed and presented with flash cannot be indexed by search engines. That means about only 5% of a flash website is viewable, the other 95% is pretty to the eye, but won’t be reached by the search engines.

Since “Search engines are text based. This means that in order to be crawled and indexed, your content needs to be in text format. […] Any content you embed in these files should also be available in text format or it won’t be accessible to search engines. […] ~ Google

Google recommends using flash to accent your site, and to utilize HTML for content and navigation. A great way to check for view ability is to bring up the site on an iphone or ipad. These are two very common user tools that do not support flash. Be sure you can access, search, and navigate your entire site. This will help you to be sure that users have a positive experience not using flash.

Now if I can’t convince you, you may have to create a HTML based equivalent of your site. The site will have to identify what kind of device and browser a user is accessing your web space on and will automatically display the proper files. The major bummer of this as a solution, is updating it consistently in the two various formats.

My recommendation … instead of building your site around snazzy, consider a balance of clean look and good content. Implement a CMS system such as WordPress (yes I admit it, I am totally bias) !