There are some great FREE tools out there that can really polish off photographs, and images.

Explore and have fun !  Found in the cloud, an easy to understand interface, with lots of overlays, filters, textures and themes.  You can also choose the type of resolution to download.  There is a free and a pay for version, depending how much you play with your photos the cost option is very affordable.  Great for Andriod, iOs, Mac/PC  You can edit a photo you took on your phone, and easily share it on social media.  With great filters, and overlays the easy to use interface allows you to fine tune images by sharpening specific parts of the image.  Used on iOs and in the cloud Sumo will not only let you edit and image but create a completely original one.  The interface is very similar to Photoshop or Gimp but it has a few extra unique tools.   Android, iOs and cloud Pixlr is a great online editing tool.  It has a simplified “playful” version, “express” and “advanced which is more like phtoshop.