Yesterday, I had a fantastic opportunity presented to me.

I was invited to attend a round table discussion for women that are involved in technology.  This discussion highlighted some of the IT leaders in the Rochester, NY area and was hoste by the Association for Women in Computing. The discussion group was led by the IT woman of the year Jeanne Casares, the current CIO of The Rochester Insitute of Technology.

The panel members were asked a  series of probing questions they explored various topics with the panelists.  I was intrigued at the background story of everyone, all five panelists had found they had an aptitude for technology and as the world naturally progressed, they did as well learning and adapting to the demands of customers and society.

Listening to their story it made me realize how diverse in scope these positions are, but more importantly how they are not linear.  Each IT position is intricate and complex, and in addition each leader seems to have a true aptitude for specific modalities then surrounding themselves with a team of experts to round their knowledge and help guide them in the decision making process.

My key take away for the afternoon:  It doesn’t matter what your career path or interest is, if it happens to be art, animals, education you can service almost any interest in the field of IT.

I reflected on my own experience, feeling as there are so many oppotunities to get to be a part of.